Natalie Kay-Thatcher is a London based illustrator of mesmeric worlds.  Her practice is suspended in thousands of infinitesimal hand-drawn loops which allude to science fiction landscapes and the immensity of the cosmos. 

Spending her life in the company of hundreds of books, Natalie is also the founder of Somnium Books, selling rare and second-hand cosmic, sci-fi, and unusual illustrated books. She has traded in the antiquarian booktrade for over a decade, and has previously worked for Any Amount of Books, The Second Shelf, Marchpane, Treadwell's and Martin Stone.

She is co-founder of the Jiggling Atoms project, a science and illustration project based on the collaboration between artists and research physicists.

She has taught as an Associate Lecturer for University of the Arts London and delivered workshops or talks for a number of institutions including: The Royal Society, Ditto Press, Northampton Illustration, Women in Print, Illustration Research, Camberwell Press, TEDx, Arts Catalyst, Non-space, Designersblock, Google+ and Microsoft.

Her illustration clients include: Zagava Books, HarperCollins, Atlantic Books, The Broca,  Robin Ince & The Infinite Monkey Cage, Strange Attractor Press, Any Amount of Books, The Second Shelf, Camberwell Illustration, John Richards & Dirty Electronics, among others.

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Photo by David Witchell, 2021


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